Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Tackling Anxiety on the First Day of School

 Most kids get angst about their first day in school and some take the school to ease. Kids are attached to their parents, and not at all used to going out to new places without their parents. Change can be hard to adapt for all of us, sometimes.  It’s that stage when kids learn how to socialize with the fellow classmates.

We,  at one of the Top CBSE Schools in Dehradun, want to make sure that your child’s start of school is as smooth as possible! We all know how difficult it can be when they cry and stretch out to hug you so you don’t leave, it can be really hard for you to let go to that but don’t panic, your kid may grow to love it. It’s just that they don’t want to be there without you. The first thing you do is leave as calmly as you can and give your child a big hug and tell him you’ll pick him up after a nap or lunch just to console him that you’ll be around in a while. 

How trained is your child for the bathroom? Make sure before they start preschool, you must potty train them. Otherwise, it could be really stressful for the helper and the kid.  So the best way could be by starting school early. Take your kid to school before it starts so that the place is no longer unfamiliar to them.  Admire new things; ensure the visit is very positive and happy.  Help children make friends by giving them cookies or cake so that they can attract friends automatically. Ask your child how their day was, what do they fear in the class so you can help boost their morale. Don’t send your kid by saying don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll make friends, you’re actually making him intimidated since it sends him a message that you expect him to do so.  Understand with him/her by saying, it's really scary going to a new school, right? How could we make it easier? Come up with answers to your own questions to make them speak up and comply with you. 

Being the top CBSE school in dehradun, we believe that the best solution for any problem comes from experience and by not panicking, and we aim to help to ease the anxiety which students and parents might experience!

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