Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Best CBSE School in Dehradun : Salient Features of Our Curriculum

The North Campus of The Heritage School, slated to be a topmost CBSE school in Dehradun, in a serene and verdant camp. Apart from the world class infrastructural facilities that the school has to offer, what sets us apart is our carefully designed curriculum, which is based upon the best practices in education, which is from the global school of thought in schooling, and hence is expected to bring the best out of your kid when at The Heritage North Campus. 

Here are some of the salient features of the curriculum of the school

Academically Rigorous

The curriculum has been designed to be academically rigorous, covering a wide range of subjects, with minute detailings and focus on the foundational concepts for the students. However, the purposes of a rigorous curriculum is not to singularly cover wider academics. Nut also to prepare the students well in advance, for the rigor that they are going to face in their professional and personal lives ahead. Therefore, while the curriculum ensures that our students are the most well informed and well learned ones, it also puts them in a position to handle pressure well.

Global Perspective

North campus, being a school of international standards, has designed the curriculum to carry a global perspective and giving wide ranging exposure to the students. The curriculum has been designed by highly competent experts from the field of education, putting in the best thoughts and ideas. Our curriculum is any day, at par with any global school and puts our students to an advantage on its own.

Value-Based Teaching

While we ensure that the school curriculum meets the international benchmarks, we also make sure that it evokes our culture, traditions and most importantly, our values, in all ways possible. Our motive is to raise citizens for the world, who is also connected to their roots. The curriculum seamlessly integrates value based teaching with the core concepts of science and maths, making it easier for the students to pick up values on the way. Our focus on value development of the children also lands us in the list of top 10 schools in Dehradun.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Spurring Creativity through Dance and Drama

The Heritage School, which is one of the best CBSE schools in Dehradun, comes with a legacy of several years of excellence and academic brilliance. The Heritage School - North Campus, intends to build upon this legacy, and extend even better quality of education to a greater number of students.

However, our academic achievements have not been solely the result of hardcore classroom teaching approach. We have always driven our students to move out of the classroom often enough, and learn new and interesting things. Dance and Drama have been an integral part of education at The Heritage School.

As the best school in Dehradun, we strongly believe that these two activities; dance and drama seamlessly teach students so many things, that would otherwise be hard to learn any other way. Here is how learning dance and drama has helped our students:

Boosting Creativity

Getting involved in any form of art is a big-time liberating experience. Art liberates a person’s mind and makes you think in more open and creative ways. Dance & Drama are no different. When students participate in such activities, they get exposed to a variety of unexplored forrays and get to know things they never knew before. The result is that students learn to think beyond and develop their creative instincts.

Instilling Confidence

Developing Confidence is one of the most important benefits of getting involved in dance & drama. It helps students overcome the fear of public speaking, fear of judgment and lack of courage by putting them straight into the limelight. It is without a doubt that a few attempts at dance and drama, and the student is ready to face the audience in the world!

We also encourage the parents to support their students in taking up extra-curricular activities like dance and drama to upgrade their skill set and become better personalities. It truly helps!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

How Heritage Helps in Personality Development from a Young Age

Young children are like raw mud, they can be molded and shaped in the best way possible. At The Heritage School - North Campus, we are the best school in Dehradun, and we firmly believe that the primary years that a child spends at school, and the kind of environment and guidance that she gets there, is a key determining factor in shaping the personality for the rest of the life. Owing to this belief, we make it a point to inculcate the best character traits in the young children from the early age itself, giving the right direction to their personality.

Here are few ways that the Heritage North Campus does that:

Seeding Leadership

Here, we see a young leader in each of our students, and we help them realize all of them their leadership potential and capabilities. For that, we organize several group activities, team games, sports and more, where they get to be in the shoes of a leader in the true sense.

Shaping Team Players

In today’s competitive environment, being a leader is not what is always required. One has to know how to be a good team player as well. One should imbibe the virtues of discipline, dedication and mutual respect for that. At Heritage, we are glad that we have been able to impart these skills to our students in a seamless way.

Building Value System

One of the most important aspects of building a child’s personality is building a robust belief system. At Heritage, we believe in grooming individuals of great character, and imbibing in them all the qualities that would help them become remarkable individuals in every walk of life.

The Best Dehradun School has been envisioned as a school that caters to all the needs for an all-round development of the young kids. When at The Heritage, you can trust for the best of your child!

Friday, June 8, 2018

Education is a Journey, Not a Destination

Education is a very significant part of a person’s life. It is something that determines the entire course and direction of the future - the presence of quality education can make a person’s life, while the absence of it can break a person’s life. However, it is important to understand the true meaning and significance of education. While most people know that education is important, but their attitude and approach towards education is flawed. Things they want to achieve through education are often materialistic and non-consequential.

At The Heritage School – North Campus, we are amongst the Top CBSE Schools in Dehradun, and we not only impart the best quality of education to our students but also help them understand the appreciate the purpose of education.

What Education is not

-    A ticket to earning tonnes of money and becoming rich & powerful.
-    The best way to land a good job and live a dignified life.
-    It’s about passing the examinations, getting good grades and earning degrees.
-    It’s about grasping from the books, as much as you can.

What Education actually is about

-    Opening up the mind and exposing it to new and incredible ideas.
-    Learning new skills and using them to have an impact.
-    Developing compassion and love for others.
-    Being knowledgeable and well-aware.
-    Living an impactful life and being able to make a difference.

The idea of education has evidently deteriorated over the years. From being a pursuit of knowledge and wisdom, education today is certainly considered as a guaranteed ticket to jobs, hefty paychecks, riches and a great lifestyle. However, it is important to understand that all of these are merely the byproducts of education, and should never be the purpose or motivation of a student going to school daily for education.  The purpose of education for the students should be to become knowledgeable, learned and wise individuals who are also wonderful human beings. Education, at The Heritage - Best School in Dehradun, is not a destination, it's a life-long journey.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Things We Do for the All-Round Development of Your Kid | Best School in Dehradun

 The North Campus of the well-known The Heritage School, Dehradun is a modern CBSE School in Dehradun, which aims at nurturing the youngsters to become leaders of tomorrow. In today’s highly competitive world, we believe that the academics alone can’t take a student very far. The need of the hour is an all-around and holistic approach towards education, the academics being an integral part of it, along with the extracurriculars. The Heritage - North Campus being a forward-looking and futuristic school in Dehradun, has put in place a culture that is driven by this idea of shaping well-rounded individuals.

Here are key things that we do, that contribute towards the holistic development of our kids:

Promoting Competition
At The Heritage – best School in Dehradun, we always make it a point to ignite a spirit of competition amongst the students. We believe that it is very important to be competitive in today’s world of globalization. We regularly organize contests, quizzes, etc. for our students so that they get abundant opportunities to test where they stand in the competitive environment.

Activity-based Teaching

The regular classroom teaching, we believe, is not the best way to impart holistic skills to the students. Therefore, we often try to integrate activities into the curriculum based teaching. When the youngsters get to paint in the science class and cut & paste in the maths class, they learn a slew of new skills in a seamless and fun way.

Sports & Outdoors

We also take our students out on a regular basis. This opens up their minds to new and exciting concepts like nothing else and shapes their thoughts in a very refined fashion. Sports, at the same time, help students a skill set that is vital to growth in life. Through sports, students of The Heritage learn attributes like teamwork, leadership, discipline, pressure handling and decision making.