Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Treasuring Honesty

It is important for our children to understand the value of honesty when they grow up. It is important for students to realize that telling lie would prevent us from helping them in the most inappropriate way. Given the environment and the growing competition, there is a temptation in students to act another way round than being honest. It is the responsibility of the teachers to guide and help students to help them embrace honesty and adopt it in their day to day to life so that it can lead them to everlasting success and peace.

We at The Heritage School North Campus being the Best School in Dehradun believes that teaching students the importance of honesty in their early stages of lives will help them establish positive and trusting relationship throughout their lives. Students need to be educated what is right and appropriate of their personal behaviour and their relationship with others.

We conduct different activities at our school through which students inculcate the state of being honest.

Read books based on Moral Stories:

One of the most effective ways to teach students about honesty is read books to them that focus on some moral stories. Stories that praise the character for being honest are a great way to teach students about honesty. We talk to students about the activities that are transpiring in the story and help them understand the importance of such stories.

Art Activities:

Use art to instil the value of honesty in the students. We make them draw a picture of how they would feel when someone is honest to them or when someone is not honest with them. This way they will learn about empathy and will be able to recognize different positive aspects and negative association of being dishonest.

Appreciate Students:

We appreciate our students for being honest. We praise them for being honest so that they should feel valued and good about themselves for being honest. Being honest will lead them to form a network of friends who they can trust and respect and this is the mutual benefit that they derive for being honest.

The Heritage School North Campus listed among Top 10 Schools in Dehradun believes respectable and admired behaviour is always carried out with honesty. We inspire students to be honest and back it up with actions that show respect for what is right and wrong. We make them value their success in term of self-awareness, hard work, honesty, and emotional intelligence.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

The Perfect School Campus

School being the second home serve a number of purposes in a child’s life. From instilling confidence to making them learn the importance of teamwork and socialisation schools do it all. Kids are sent to school considering the fact that there is an experienced hand to guide them and also have a safe environment and infrastructure plays a budding hand in creating a favourable environment. Schools create an environment that assures learning as well as mental and physical well being of the students.

The Heritage School – North Campus, the Best School in Dehradun has a properly planned campus which is an out and out key factor in effective learning and teaching. The location of the school is an important factor and our school is located in such a suitable atmosphere which is away from noises where students can easily absorb what is being taught to them. The ambience of the school is calm and spacious with good amenities.

The building of the school is spacious, well planned with good ventilation in all classrooms. Other than that there are other basic facilities like fans, lights, comfortable chair and benches, blackboard etc. and some useful facilities like libraries and playgrounds. 

Our classroom looks pleasant with good painting and decoration. The front wall of the classroom has an appropriate blackboard. The classrooms have inbuilt cupboards for keeping books and other important documents.

Impact on Educational Quality – school infrastructure with good spaces makes it a good place for the children to study. The impact of educational spaces on student set out to identify the empirical well being of students. It gets children motivated to come to school and this, in turn, improves their attendance and interest of students in learning. Thus it is important for schools to have good infrastructure to improve the performance of the students. 

The Heritage School North campus listed among Top CBSE Schools in Dehradun is not only nestled in vast and serene surroundings of Dehradun but also has a good infrastructure which gives emphasis on child-friendly ambience and activity and value-based education.

Monday, October 29, 2018

Behind Every Successful Student is a Hardworking Teacher

“A teacher and his way of thinking- that’s what is most important for any educational system.” A child is full of potential and it’s the role of a teacher to explore all the hidden talents in a student. Right from preparing the students for a successful career in, building them ethically and righteously, a teacher takes care of each and every student’s complete growth and development.

Teaching is the only job that comes with tons of responsibilities, their experience and knowledge are scrutinized by the schools in order to ensure that the students are in safe hands. A child always looks upon his parents and teachers; they are his role models. In most ways, a child is forming his behaviour while watching and observing his parents and teachers. Therefore, a teacher plays a vital role in raising them and making them walk in the right directions. The Heritage School north campus is amongst the top CBSE schools in Dehradun, who pays a lot of attention; when it comes to hiring their staff.

A teacher can impart knowledge to the students in numerous ways, for example; assigning them creative tasks, making them work in groups, or perhaps adopting innovative techniques to teach them their assigned syllabus. Therefore, a student learns a great deal from his or teachers.

One of the most important roles as a teacher is to absorb the nature and behaviour of every student individually; in order to understand the areas to work upon or strengthen. Apart from the curriculum assigned to be taught the classrooms, a teacher must inculcate values and ethics in them. The CBSE schools in Dehradun place their focus on all of their students. They believe that the future of our nation lies in the hands of the students and in their vision lies the development of the country.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Prioritising the Interactive Relationship

A child is the most important link between a parent and a teacher. Parents worry a great deal for their children and teachers do whatever they can for the growth and of a child. It is extremely important for a parent and a teacher to maintain solid communication.

“The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice” The sole purpose behind a parent teacher meeting is to have a detailed conversation about the betterment of the child, it is an opportunity to discuss the queries and establish a better understanding of the needs and growth of children. The Heritage School North Campus is undoubtedly amongst the Top CBSE Schools in Dehradun.

The school makes sure that every parent gets a considerable amount of time with the teacher. This interaction gives both parties i.e. the parents and the teachers get an appropriate insight of a child's progress at school over the period of time. The meeting makes it easier for the teacher to find ways and solutions to fix behavioural problems, as the role of a teacher is quite essential. They're in entirely responsible for the kids well being in the absence of his or her parent. The idea is to comprehend the actions and reactions of a child in certain situations and act with patience.

All of this is possible when there is a parent teacher interaction on the periodical basis. Also, the parents get a proper feedback of their child's progress and get to know about their developing skills and behavioural changes from time to time. The established CBSE school is Dehradun spend a great deal of time by putting their attention for the well being of each and every student.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Little Care is All We Need

As a parent, we worry and fear for our kid's safety. Right from sending our kid to school to tugging them in their beds for sleep, parents are constantly stressing about their kid's well-being.

With the arrival of the winter season, we are twice as concerned about the health of our children. The food we pack for the lunch box or the clothes we buy to provide extra care to them becomes highly important. We keep in mind the tiniest details in order to upgrade their regular diet and protect them from any kind of illness.

All the vitamins and minerals that are needed for a child is given a lot of attention. For example, providing a child with a Vitamin C enriched diet is quite necessary because they don't get enough Sun. Soups give them warmth in the cold temperature and salads keep them healthy. Before you send them to school in the morning, just make sure they wear woollen gloves, warm socks and a cap that covers their forehead and ears. All of this is necessary because the kids have a week immune system and as they grow up they are still getting used to the cold winters. Furthermore, the lunchbox should be loaded with fruits and salads. Hence, the top CBSE schools in Dehradun take care of their students perfectly.

The Heritage School - North Campus – one of the best CBSE Schools in Dehradun, understands the worries of parents, they understand how their level of responsibility increases when the parents are not around. The teachers keep a watch on every single child and if someone is ill, they make sure that give the provide medical assistance and leaves so that he or she takes full rest and no one else in the classroom gets in.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Find Your Child’s Learning Pattern

There are different ways to learn everything but it is never too hard not to.  They learn best by listening, looking or doing, which are also, know, as auditory, visual and kinesthetic.  At an early age, it’s the best time to grasp everything, easily. Once you discover which learning favors your child, you can help shape their education strategically along with the help of the school as well.

Observe your child in action- watch how your child expresses itself. 

It may seem that children who are not paying attention because they are always trying to talk over you. They are most likely auditory learners. They have a tendency to read out loud instead of quietly listening.

Visual learners express themselves through emotions and facial expressions. They prefer watching others faces and understand better. Such a visual learner stores these images for future use.

Kinaesthetic learners express themselves through body language and are unable to keep their hands to themselves. These types of learners don’t worry about getting their hands dirty; they like to touch everything, including people and objects.

Consider their interests- A child’s primary learning also reflects in their interests. 

For instance, at CBSE school in Dehradun, we understand auditory learners usually show interest in music and many remember the lyrics to their song, but struggle to remember what they just read in the book. 

Visual learners have both interests in reading and watching television, due to the common thread of visual stimulation. 

Children who look for interest in physical activities are kinesthetic learners. These types of learners enjoy games, but can’t sit still long enough to read.

See how they solve problems-kids tend to draw their strength through the attributes that correlate to problems.

As you may see them mumbling to themselves while doing their homework.  These kinds like to discuss and talk out their problems or situations. 

Visual learners quickly notice if something is out of place by observing.  
Learners who usually use their hands to solve math problems with their fingers.

We, one of the top CBSE schools in Dehradun believes to teach children in three perspectives to make understand better for children.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Student and Teacher- Inseparable Bond

“Teaching is a very noble profession that shapes the character, caliber, and future of an individual”.

The relationship is inseparable. The teachers act as mentors and guides who are not just responsible for educating the students but are also directing them to a path which makes them a better citizen of the country and a good human being. We feel that as an institution to educate students, it is our responsibility to make our teachers realize that teaching is not just a job for educators, it’s a calling. It is passion and commitment and a desire to amplify the voices and dreams of many children.

To fulfill those dreams it is very much required that the teacher-student association shouldn’t just be confined to academics but also at different levels which are interpersonal.  

Teachers play a very pivotal role in a student’s life especially during the formative years of the students. They teach wisdom to students whilst giving a moral support. The teachers act as a catalyst of change in the life of the students through transferring their knowledge and experiences.

Being among the best CBSE Schools in Dehradun, we want each student of our school to imbibe certain traits like confidence, commitment, warmth, and sincerity from the teachers and in return get a  priceless guidance. 

A positive relationship with teachers has essential, productive and continuing implications for students' academic and combined development. It is been seen that teachers who promote bright relationships with their students create a conducive learning environment.

Our Students look up to their teachers as their mentor and well-wishers and it’s the teacher’s responsibility to bring the best out of every student. Amongst the top CBSE Schools in Dehradun, we know that our students and teachers are skilled, who become successful individuals creating their own identity.