Monday, October 29, 2018

Behind Every Successful Student is a Hardworking Teacher

“A teacher and his way of thinking- that’s what is most important for any educational system.” A child is full of potential and it’s the role of a teacher to explore all the hidden talents in a student. Right from preparing the students for a successful career in, building them ethically and righteously, a teacher takes care of each and every student’s complete growth and development.

Teaching is the only job that comes with tons of responsibilities, their experience and knowledge are scrutinized by the schools in order to ensure that the students are in safe hands. A child always looks upon his parents and teachers; they are his role models. In most ways, a child is forming his behaviour while watching and observing his parents and teachers. Therefore, a teacher plays a vital role in raising them and making them walk in the right directions. The Heritage School north campus is amongst the top CBSE schools in Dehradun, who pays a lot of attention; when it comes to hiring their staff.

A teacher can impart knowledge to the students in numerous ways, for example; assigning them creative tasks, making them work in groups, or perhaps adopting innovative techniques to teach them their assigned syllabus. Therefore, a student learns a great deal from his or teachers.

One of the most important roles as a teacher is to absorb the nature and behaviour of every student individually; in order to understand the areas to work upon or strengthen. Apart from the curriculum assigned to be taught the classrooms, a teacher must inculcate values and ethics in them. The CBSE schools in Dehradun place their focus on all of their students. They believe that the future of our nation lies in the hands of the students and in their vision lies the development of the country.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Prioritising the Interactive Relationship

A child is the most important link between a parent and a teacher. Parents worry a great deal for their children and teachers do whatever they can for the growth and of a child. It is extremely important for a parent and a teacher to maintain solid communication.

“The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice” The sole purpose behind a parent teacher meeting is to have a detailed conversation about the betterment of the child, it is an opportunity to discuss the queries and establish a better understanding of the needs and growth of children. The Heritage School North Campus is undoubtedly amongst the Top CBSE Schools in Dehradun.

The school makes sure that every parent gets a considerable amount of time with the teacher. This interaction gives both parties i.e. the parents and the teachers get an appropriate insight of a child's progress at school over the period of time. The meeting makes it easier for the teacher to find ways and solutions to fix behavioural problems, as the role of a teacher is quite essential. They're in entirely responsible for the kids well being in the absence of his or her parent. The idea is to comprehend the actions and reactions of a child in certain situations and act with patience.

All of this is possible when there is a parent teacher interaction on the periodical basis. Also, the parents get a proper feedback of their child's progress and get to know about their developing skills and behavioural changes from time to time. The established CBSE school is Dehradun spend a great deal of time by putting their attention for the well being of each and every student.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Little Care is All We Need

As a parent, we worry and fear for our kid's safety. Right from sending our kid to school to tugging them in their beds for sleep, parents are constantly stressing about their kid's well-being.

With the arrival of the winter season, we are twice as concerned about the health of our children. The food we pack for the lunch box or the clothes we buy to provide extra care to them becomes highly important. We keep in mind the tiniest details in order to upgrade their regular diet and protect them from any kind of illness.

All the vitamins and minerals that are needed for a child is given a lot of attention. For example, providing a child with a Vitamin C enriched diet is quite necessary because they don't get enough Sun. Soups give them warmth in the cold temperature and salads keep them healthy. Before you send them to school in the morning, just make sure they wear woollen gloves, warm socks and a cap that covers their forehead and ears. All of this is necessary because the kids have a week immune system and as they grow up they are still getting used to the cold winters. Furthermore, the lunchbox should be loaded with fruits and salads. Hence, the top CBSE schools in Dehradun take care of their students perfectly.

The Heritage School - North Campus – one of the best CBSE Schools in Dehradun, understands the worries of parents, they understand how their level of responsibility increases when the parents are not around. The teachers keep a watch on every single child and if someone is ill, they make sure that give the provide medical assistance and leaves so that he or she takes full rest and no one else in the classroom gets in.