Monday, July 29, 2019

How to Design the Classroom for Effective Learning

Classrooms provide an uninterrupted learning space to children. It is like a second teacher for the students as it is where they learn various skills essential for their overall growth. The classroom environment should be learning-centric and free of any kind of distractions. The overall layout of the classroom should complement their education for effective learning. 

The Heritage School North Campus CBSE school in Dehradun some ways you can design your classroom for effective learning:


The overall design and layout of the classroom affect the learning experience of students. Well, lit classrooms with good ventilation and proper spacing help students concentrate better. The desks are usually arranged in rows and columns but alternatively, you can arrange them in semi-circle or clusters which enhances interaction among students.

Acoustics are often ignored while designing a classroom but they play a very vital role in students’ learning. You can negate the sound of surroundings by using mats and soft surface on the floor. Sound reverberation can be avoided by hanging soft corkboards on the wall.

Colour Scheme

The colours of the walls can affect the learning experience of students. There are psychological effects of colours on the human body. While designing a classroom yellow and red colour should be avoided as they increase aggression and adrenaline rush in students. A balance of cool and warm colours can bring out a pleasing effect and can help learn students better.

Furniture Arrangement

Furniture should be properly arranged to facilitate learning. The furniture should be comfortable and light in weight so that students can move them easily.  There should be proper spacing in between the desks to ensure that the classroom doesn’t look cluttered.

Wall Design

Walls should be designed with artwork and charts which complement their textbooks learnings. Alternatively, teachers can decorate the walls with a particular theme every month.

We at The Heritage North Campus best school in Dehradun advocate designing the classrooms the age group of the students should be kept in mind. The design of a primary class will be different from a senior class as the age group of the students studying in that class will also be different.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Brain Break Activities for Classrooms

Brain breaks are whole-class activities that give opportunities to do pause, move, and interact in a structured and safe way. To break the boredom of classrooms and to ensure better learning we The Heritage School North Campus top CBSE school in Dehradun ensure children perform the following brain break activities.

Trading Places

In this activity, make students stand behind their chairs. Teacher calls out a trait and children with that trait switch places. For e.g.- “Everyone with red bag”, the children who have red bags will switch places and the ones who do not have that trait stay at there place.

 Mingle, Mingle, Group!

Children walk around the classroom singing mingle, mingle softly. When teacher says, “group of 5”, children are to group themselves in the said number. The ones that are left behind must perform a task, for e.g. sing a song. Teacher can call any number for the group.

Freeze Dance

Children dance on the songs played by teacher, children must freeze when music stops, children must remain in the same position until, music plays again.

Find Out Fast

Teacher calls out a trait or a color, for e.g. “something black”, students must get to any object with the said trait quickly.


Give each student a paper plate, tell them to balance it on their head and walk from one end of the classroom to another, without dropping the plate. The one who drops the plate must perform a task such as “do 3 jumping jacks”.

Jump Skip Counting

Tell students to jump while skip counting for e.g., “jump while skip counting 3”. You could practice word spellings this way.

Musical Chairs

Arrange chairs in a single line, chairs should be one less than the number of children. Tell students to walk around the chair while the music is playing. Children must sit on the chair as soon as the music stops. The child who doesn’t get the chair performs a task, for e.g. jump 5 times.

Children tend to get bored in between lessons, brain break activities refreshes their mind which helps them concentrate and learn better. Thus, perform one brain break activity in between lecture, if children seem disinterested or bored. We best school in Dehradun make sure the children are always energetic.

Monday, July 1, 2019

Inculcating Nature in the Classroom

Mother nature, might not speak any human language yet inspires humanity to seek and learn various things from her. From the rising of the sun, every day to the flowing of the river each part of nature has untold lessons and meaning which teaches the meaning of life.

Parents send their children to school for education. Where the real meaning of education doesn’t end with the fact make students sufficient enough to earn their living but to learn how to live life. So we at Heritage School North Campus CBSE school in Dehradun do right by keeping children close to nature. Bringing nature to classrooms can be the most alluring way to educate children. 

It can be done by-

- Nature Art Area

Have an art area in the classroom inspired by all the things from nature like leaves, twigs, dry flowers, stones, etc. This would bring a great level of creativity among children.

- Show Nature’s Simplicity

Show videos, images and have interactive sessions with students explaining them basic functioning and importance of nature. With these sessions teach them the habit of ‘early to bed, early to rise’.

- The 3R’s Rule

Teach them the 3R’s rule i.e Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. With these, ask them to plant seeds in waste plastic bottles that will teach them to practice the same in their homes.

- Schoolyard Garden

Have permission from school authorities to have a school garden where students are taught gardening plus, they plant some veggies. This will make them realize the importance of having a kitchen garden in their homes.

- Camping

Camping is the best, and most interactive activity that will make students leave their techno surrounded life and be in the lapse of nature. How to make a campfire, listening stories and cooking their own food would make them realize the beauty of life.

- Feed the Birds

Make a birdhouse, or hang a feeder outside the window filled with seeds for the birds. This will the quality of kindness and selflessness among the students.

- Keep Windows Open

Try to keep windows open as much as possible, and let them feel the purity of fresh air and not just being in heaters or air-conditioned rooms.

Closer you are to nature, the healthier and better life you live. Adapting such habit through schooling and classrooms go with one for a lifetime. So, it’s important to bring nature to classrooms, be natural in an era full of artificial things and we best Dehradun school ensure the same.