Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Experiencing What We Read in Books

Knowledge can be found at every corner around us, be it books, flora and fauna, nature and our surroundings. We just need that insight to learn what our surroundings are trying to teach us. Students should be taught about their surroundings. We being one of  the Best Dehradun Schools believe, nature gives us practical knowledge, something which leaves a long-lasting impact. This is why we encourage field trips. Books give students theoretical knowledge and field trips make them practically sound. Field trips help students to experience what they read about in books. There are various types of field trips like science field trip, history field trip, environmental field trip, cultural field trip and fun field trip.

Each trip has its own significance and learning. Where a science trip makes students experience the magic of science live, historical trips help them to visit historical places and see the wonders of our history. An environmental trip makes the students aware of their environment while a cultural trip illuminates them about their and other students’ culture. This helps in boosting their friendships and makes them stronger socially. “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” and so to rejuvenate our students’ energy we take them on a fun-filled ride. These trips help them to relax and make their bonds stronger.

Another important factor of these trips is that they give students a better understanding of what they read in books. When they visualize a certain process, it gets retained in their mind. They will remember it through their experiences. Field trips also encourage students to think further and develop their concepts related to it. Studies show that students who visit places they read about in books and practical experience the contents of their study, perform better. This is what reflects in our students.

At The Heritage School – North Campus, one of the top 10 schools in Dehradun, we encourage our students to explore the world because the world out there is full of wisdom and enlightenment.

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