Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Things We Do for the All-Round Development of Your Kid | Best School in Dehradun

 The North Campus of the well-known The Heritage School, Dehradun is a modern CBSE School in Dehradun, which aims at nurturing the youngsters to become leaders of tomorrow. In today’s highly competitive world, we believe that the academics alone can’t take a student very far. The need of the hour is an all-around and holistic approach towards education, the academics being an integral part of it, along with the extracurriculars. The Heritage - North Campus being a forward-looking and futuristic school in Dehradun, has put in place a culture that is driven by this idea of shaping well-rounded individuals.

Here are key things that we do, that contribute towards the holistic development of our kids:

Promoting Competition
At The Heritage – best School in Dehradun, we always make it a point to ignite a spirit of competition amongst the students. We believe that it is very important to be competitive in today’s world of globalization. We regularly organize contests, quizzes, etc. for our students so that they get abundant opportunities to test where they stand in the competitive environment.

Activity-based Teaching

The regular classroom teaching, we believe, is not the best way to impart holistic skills to the students. Therefore, we often try to integrate activities into the curriculum based teaching. When the youngsters get to paint in the science class and cut & paste in the maths class, they learn a slew of new skills in a seamless and fun way.

Sports & Outdoors

We also take our students out on a regular basis. This opens up their minds to new and exciting concepts like nothing else and shapes their thoughts in a very refined fashion. Sports, at the same time, help students a skill set that is vital to growth in life. Through sports, students of The Heritage learn attributes like teamwork, leadership, discipline, pressure handling and decision making.

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