Monday, March 25, 2019

Importance of Going Outside the Classroom

Times have drastically changed. A crucial part of childhood has now abruptly changed to become time spent indoors. Due to various factors, children are confined indoors, we can blame technology for this. But the fact that outdoor playing is beneficial for every student remains unchallenged.

So, why is getting outdoors so important for your child? 

As the best CBSE school in Dehradun, we have mentioned below the reasons illustrating precisely that:

The Sun

The most scientific reason is that sun exposure is essential for your child. Vitamin D enforces calcium and leads to the development of stronger bones. 

Development of Executive Function

The skills that help a child plan, prioritize, troubleshoot, negotiate, and multitask are important for achieving success in life. To develop this children require unstructured time. This ensures that children are flexing their creative muscle.


Being outdoors essentially gives children a lot more space to run around and encourage active play, which is considered the best kind for young children


Playing outside encourages teamwork between children and helps them in developing social skills. Making friends, sharing and cooperating are all skills that cannot be fully developed in structured settings.

Embracing Independence

It is in the time away from adult supervision that a child truly develops their personality and lean into being independent and self-reliant.

Room to Explore

Being outside truly helps children push their boundaries. Whether it is going down a slide or developing a new game from scratch, children are open to trying new things out in the open.

Better Sleep Cycles

Playing outside helps young children absorb sunlight which directly impacts and regulates the body clock, this helps them cultivate better sleep cycles.

Keeping all this in mind we at The Heritage School North Campus, counted among top CBSE schools in Dehradun, ensure that our children get out of the classroom and get to experience the benefits of outdoor play.

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