Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Ways to Spark Engagement

The central feature of a classroom is student engagement. How a student feels and behaves in the classroom depends on how well he is engaged with his surroundings. When children disconnect from their surroundings, they are likely to learn less efficiently.

As one of the top CBSE schools in Dehradun, we at The Heritage School - North Campus, have come up with various ways to spark student engagement. They are written below:

Instill Enthusiasm

When you teach students with excitement and enthusiasm it influences them to involve themselves in the classroom. If you are happy and try to teach them positively, they will learn better. Children are already unexcited due to the pressure of learning different subjects. Your unhappy face will only increase their stress.

Let Them State Their Opinions

When children are motivated to voice their opinions, they tend to indulge themselves in the class and perform well. Encourage them to speak and when they do listen.

Do Not Stay in One Place

A teacher should move around while teaching the students. This ensures that the teacher is paying attention to each one of them. Standing still at one place can make students feel super bored, especially the ones sitting at the back.


When a child states his opinion be sure to provide a good feedback. This will clear his doubts and he will feel more confident while asking any question related to the subject.

Make Learning Fun

Incorporate games that are fun while teaching the students, like extempore or Pictionary. This will help students engage better in class, and they will be able to retain the lesson for a long period of time.

Other Learning Techniques

Some students are able to understand when a teacher reads the lesson in front of them. Some learn better with visual aids like presentation and videos. Try to incorporate both. It will help the students engage better.

Listed amongst the best schools in Dehradun, the teachers at The Heritage School – North Campus, make sure to keep the students in the loop, emphasizing the importance of student engagement in the classroom.

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