Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Treasuring Honesty

It is important for our children to understand the value of honesty when they grow up. It is important for students to realize that telling lie would prevent us from helping them in the most inappropriate way. Given the environment and the growing competition, there is a temptation in students to act another way round than being honest. It is the responsibility of the teachers to guide and help students to help them embrace honesty and adopt it in their day to day to life so that it can lead them to everlasting success and peace.

We at The Heritage School North Campus being the Best School in Dehradun believes that teaching students the importance of honesty in their early stages of lives will help them establish positive and trusting relationship throughout their lives. Students need to be educated what is right and appropriate of their personal behaviour and their relationship with others.

We conduct different activities at our school through which students inculcate the state of being honest.

Read books based on Moral Stories:

One of the most effective ways to teach students about honesty is read books to them that focus on some moral stories. Stories that praise the character for being honest are a great way to teach students about honesty. We talk to students about the activities that are transpiring in the story and help them understand the importance of such stories.

Art Activities:

Use art to instil the value of honesty in the students. We make them draw a picture of how they would feel when someone is honest to them or when someone is not honest with them. This way they will learn about empathy and will be able to recognize different positive aspects and negative association of being dishonest.

Appreciate Students:

We appreciate our students for being honest. We praise them for being honest so that they should feel valued and good about themselves for being honest. Being honest will lead them to form a network of friends who they can trust and respect and this is the mutual benefit that they derive for being honest.

The Heritage School North Campus listed among Top 10 Schools in Dehradun believes respectable and admired behaviour is always carried out with honesty. We inspire students to be honest and back it up with actions that show respect for what is right and wrong. We make them value their success in term of self-awareness, hard work, honesty, and emotional intelligence.

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