Monday, October 29, 2018

Behind Every Successful Student is a Hardworking Teacher

“A teacher and his way of thinking- that’s what is most important for any educational system.” A child is full of potential and it’s the role of a teacher to explore all the hidden talents in a student. Right from preparing the students for a successful career in, building them ethically and righteously, a teacher takes care of each and every student’s complete growth and development.

Teaching is the only job that comes with tons of responsibilities, their experience and knowledge are scrutinized by the schools in order to ensure that the students are in safe hands. A child always looks upon his parents and teachers; they are his role models. In most ways, a child is forming his behaviour while watching and observing his parents and teachers. Therefore, a teacher plays a vital role in raising them and making them walk in the right directions. The Heritage School north campus is amongst the top CBSE schools in Dehradun, who pays a lot of attention; when it comes to hiring their staff.

A teacher can impart knowledge to the students in numerous ways, for example; assigning them creative tasks, making them work in groups, or perhaps adopting innovative techniques to teach them their assigned syllabus. Therefore, a student learns a great deal from his or teachers.

One of the most important roles as a teacher is to absorb the nature and behaviour of every student individually; in order to understand the areas to work upon or strengthen. Apart from the curriculum assigned to be taught the classrooms, a teacher must inculcate values and ethics in them. The CBSE schools in Dehradun place their focus on all of their students. They believe that the future of our nation lies in the hands of the students and in their vision lies the development of the country.

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