Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Rainbow Activities for Kids

The rainbow is one of the most spectral sights in nature caused by atmospheric conditions of sunlight and rain that fascinates every child. Children not only have fun but get a great deal of knowledge as well when introduced to rainbow activities. Teach them how a rainbow is formed with the help of pictures and videos before starting. 

As the best CBSE school in Dehradun, The Heritage School – North Campus, we have come up with a list of few interesting rainbow activities that are likely to engage kids:

• Rainbow Attire Day:

Tell your students to pick up their attire on their own and dress up with as many colors as they want. You’ll be surprised how creative children can be!

• Face Paint:

Draw a rainbow on one cheek of the students with body paint. These are safe to use on the skin.

• Draw a Giant Rainbow:

With the help of watercolors, let the students paint a giant rainbow on a chart paper. To make it easier for them, draw boundaries on your own with a pencil. Teach them how to hold a brush and make sure they don’t color each other.

•Colorful Buttons for Rainbow:

On a white paper tell the students to draw a rainbow. Stick buttons on the paper with the help of glue.

• Yummy Rainbow Sandwich:

Apply consumable colors on bread slices. Put small pieces of veggies along with mayonnaise in between the slices. Enjoy a colorful treat!

• A Yarn Rainbow:

On a plain white paper teach students how to stick yarn in a sequence of  VIBGYOR. Dip single strands in glue and paste it on the paper.

• Painting with Hands:

Dip both hands of the students in the paint and then tell them to press them against the white chart. Make a huge hand rainbow and stick it on the wall of the classroom. 

With the help of these crafty ideas from one of the best Dehradun schools, The Heritage School – North Campus, allow students to learn with fun.  

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